Physiotherapy, practiced by a professional physiotherapist, is used to treat, heal, and prevent the different symptoms of illnesses and pathological conditions related to kinetic problems.

Our associates evaluate your condition and body posture; specializing in the latest methods of injury-healing and recovery and, in cooperation with our trainers, they create the appropriate empowerment program for you, including:

  • Maitland techniques: Mobilization of peripheral joints and the vertebral column.

  • Manipulation - Mobilization: Mobilization of peripheral joints - Special techniques of passive motion, executed by the physiotherapist, within the limits of the joint's motion. Mobilization techniques reduce pain and muscular spasm and increase range of motion.

  • Neural Tissue Mobilization.
  • Trigger point therapy: Special techniques of pressure point therapy applied to certain muscular pains with immediate relief and muscle relaxation.
  • Mulligan method: Manual therapy, in which the upper and lower ends of the body and vertebral column are moved in order to deal with musculoskeletal pain. Applied to musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries and, when suitable, achieves immediate and impressive results.
  • Kinesiotaping method, acupuncture, thermal therapy
  • Neural tissue mobilization by Shacklock: A contemporary manual therapeutic method applied to musculoskeletal disorders that cause pain in neural tissue. Applied in cases which include sciatica, cervical radiculitis, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.
  • P.N.F. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  • Special gait analysis