Personal Training

Mykonos, the island of charm, fun and unstoppable parties has embraced for over 23 years the team of AthensTrainers. Eighteen years of experience which surely establish AthensTrainers as one of Mykonos’s “Trademarks”.

Our team, with innovative ideas, knowledge and equipment, are ready to guide you to see the islands of magic through the team’s own viewpoint irrespective of the place or type of exercise you may choose.

Streets, beaches, pools, or any other private space can be transformed into ideal exercise or event locations!

Get ready, get your gym outfits and sports shoes and off we go on morning or evening strolls, walking or jogging. We test our limits jogging from Chora, (Fine Arts or Regional) through Agios Ioannis enjoying the breathtaking landscape with whitewashed small paved streets, pigeon cots, chalk white houses and the famous windmills. Jogging coupled with body weight training on the pier!

Exercise with Cross Training (SPI Training System®), TRX, Power bags, Agility ladders, Kettlebells, Medicine balls... etc, all in sequence to offer you a dynamic exercise at the island’s stadium in Ornos. Elastic bands, mats and towels under a blue sky!

Seated on the big ball raise and straighten the body core through Pilates inhalation/exhalation exercises just like the tree touches the edge of the horizon.

Dare to experience the art of balance, wrapped in the “veils” of the swing by practicing Aerial Yoga! Raise the arms and greet the sun with Wake up Yoga on the beach at Agios Sostis or the Megali Ammos. Let us allow our gaze to wander, to try and find “Afanti” across the sea, the sacred isle of Delos.

Let us feel positive energy fill our body, mind and soul!

If you prefer sunsets, say goodbye to the ending day, to a sun which paints with unique colors the canvas in the sky, by practicing Sunset yoga on the beach of Agios-Yannis or Agios Stefanos!

When the time has come to go to the beach or to the pool, get ready to dive, for swimming courses and for Aqua Training. Sail with us to the crystal waters of Renia and combine exercises on board. There are games, exercises and water bubbles for young and old alike!

Together we can organize "Health Farm Weekends" at your place, with nutrition programs, detoxification, exercises, kneading treatments. Because "sins", either sweet or savory, large or small, are many on this island, we will give you our advice for a detox nutrition!

Place yourselves in our expert hands with a therapeutic massage for toning and relaxation. A therapeutic touch, a “silent meditation” through Thai Massage, well deserved to oneself. Release your soul and fight the daily routine by giving your body and soul the luxury they deserve!

We are all there for you, giving necessary advice and offering treatments suitable for you, if you need physiotherapy, guiding you to an excellent physical condition.

Young or old, are all alike to us!

If our little friends celebrate, we will be there to design and organize the most amazing parties for them! Sports through play, knowledge, entertainment, creativity and lots of fun... and not only that... our team will organize play dates for them too, transforming their days to small excursions full of fun, laughter and endless play!

With the most experienced team, on the island, with the same well known faces, we are there for old and new friends alike. Each year is a new “journey”. Trust the best. Follow AthensTrainers®