Fit Smiling Kids

Schools are closed and our young friends are impatient for vacation , for carefree ,for laughter , for fun , for play and play!!!

AthensTrainers® ® is ready ... it is in Mykonos and awaits to welcome you!!! It is at the Cycladic island, not only for the “old” children but for the young children too! The program “Fit Smiling Kids” is being continued here too!

What would you say to play and exercise at the same time? Wear swimwear, take sunscreen, towels, hats and go! Maybe we take buckets, water guns, boards and spaghetti with us? What are we going to do; What else? Swimming lessons and games in the pool or at the beach. We splash on water, we make bubbles, we learn swimming and we do not waste a chance for swimming and playing! We are being transformed into small gods of the sea, beautiful mermaids, keen swimmers!

Join with us our young athletes to try our “luck” to “chasing the ball” ... or else tennis lessons with our coach. What do you think? Is there anyone who will bite the racket? Unless you prefer chasing the soccer ball, trying to put the coveted goal. To become excellent masters of the ball, following the instructions and advices of the coach.

The track has its own fan too... meditation, discipline, goal... the timer starts... we test our limits performance... What do you say? Is any of our friends the “stars of tomorrow”?

Or would you like to try to balance on the big ball means through the “Pilates4Kids”. How would you become the “Tree of Life”, learning to tap your foot on earth strongly like the roots of a tree, through the “Yoga4Kids”; The suppleness, the flexibility, the body posture and the body development are the key factors in the age of our young friends.

Would the “big guys” want to join to our group? Mom, Dad, Grandpa... the whole family? Everyone can take part In our game... to compete in games, or to keep fit as a team!!! How do you think of the idea of the whole family together in the morning workout? What would be nicer the “great” of the group are the standards and they give a living example to the young?

Come to us to organize the play dates for our little friends, to make happy and funny days for them. Days of knowledge, of learning, of creation. Days that flow playfully!

And do not think that there is no cause for an event or a party in Mykonos! Each day is an occasion for a birthday, or holiday or a special day. AthensTrainers® will plan and organize the most special and unique children's party... party which “leave time”! Always with love, fun, imagination, originality and many many ideas which have no limits!!!

What do you say? Are we ready this year again? The play begins!!!